Junior Kindergarten: 4 to 5 years old

In Junior Kindergarten students pick up from the previous level with even more structured activities. At the beginning of the year, each child is assessed on their development of gross and fine motor skills. As the year progresses students’ will be exposed to more detailed content knowledge areas such as science, history, geography and Polish language. The Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence provides developmentally appropriate and knowledge rich materials for lessons and activities.

While continuing to develop oral language skills still a primary goal, an increased emphasis is placed on emergent literacy skills (prereading and prewriting skills). Weekly lessons include math (4-5 days/week), Language (8-10 lessons/week), Movement & Coordination (2-4x), Social & Emotional Development (2-4x), Visual Arts, Music. The Junior Kindergarten class visits to the library and computer center continue to grow the confidence and comfort in these learning areas. The goal of Junior Kindergarten is to develop the students’ fluency and skills so they are prepared for our Senior Kindergarten classroom.