Senior Kindergarten: 5 to 6 years old

Students in Senior Kindergarten are given a challenging curriculum based on the Core Knowledge Sequence and the Common Core State Standards. Students will start the year refining their literacy skills and developing good writing habits. The year picks up right away with lessons in Language Arts, Science, Math, ICT, Library, Social Studies, Art, Music, PE and Polish Language (differentiated for native speakers and international students). Smart boards in every classroom increase the interactivity of each lesson. Every day students work with digital and hard copy textbooks including the CKLA materials, Go! Math, and Science Fusion. 

Songs, crafts, and games are built into most lessons to give children a chance to express their creativity and to move around while they learn. Monthly field trips are valuable learning experiences which connect classroom learning to the outside world and broaden the horizon of the curriculum. Throughout the year Senior Kindergarten teachers provide excellent decoding instruction with language rich read-alouds. Successful completion of the full Senior Kindergarten program results in students who can translate letters into words and understand the words they are decoding.