Toddlers Center: 20 to 36 months old

At the Toddler’s age, we can see that the children’s communication skills have grown and they are now showing and striving for their own independence. Children at this age are generally quite active as we observe them running, jumping and climbing each day. They start to make lots of friends and enjoy taking part in group learning. Toddlers love to master new concepts, so it’s the perfect time to lay the foundation for future skills like reading and counting. Nursery classrooms are filled with books and number activities for children to engage with. The Toddler’s end goal is to display a readiness for more structured activities. A child ready to advance to our Kindergarten program should respond well to consistent routines, anticipate what comes next during the day, be able to express emotions, needs and requests and enjoys participating in group activities and sometimes enjoys doing things on their own.


Table-top activities that promote a wide variety of skills (puzzles, play dough, messy play, painting, drawing with crayons and chalk).

Music and movement promotes social interaction, but also helps with the development of both fine and gross motor skills.
Outdoor play helps the children release any built-up energy in a positive way. All outdoor games and activities will be age-appropriate and, most importantly, fun for all the children involved.

Constructive and manipulative play (gluing, beading, threading, straws).
Free play to further develop social interactions and to build on growing friendships (dress-up imaginative play, home corner, quiet area, dolls, prams and puppets etc.).

Floor activities (building blocks, animals, cars, trains, floor puzzles).