Wobblers Center: 12 to 20 months old

Our Wobbler group is intensely curious about their surrounding environment. By providing linguistic, physical, cognitive, social and emotional learning experiences, we satisfy their eagerness to learn and explore. Wobblers are learning to use and control their bodies. This includes walking, climbing, getting in and out of chairs, sitting at a table, carrying and manipulating action/reaction toys. 

 Our lessons and activities give older infants a growing sense of how they can interact with their environment. Singing songs and reading aloud also lay the foundation for talking and appreciating books. Wobblers regularly spend time outdoors on the playground where they interact with the other students. Children learn to work as a group while eating, playing, and sleeping.


Experimenting and Exploring (Puzzles, blocks, push and pull toys, books, musical instruments etc.)

Arts & Crafts activities (finger painting, brush painting, messy play – for example with shaving foam)
Role play to develop social interactions & skills (dress up, home corner, dolls, strollers, cars, trucks, toy animals)

Free play and sand & water play provide further opportunities for experimentation and exploration.
Story time and fingerplay

Outdoor play - developing fine motor skills