Primary School

Students of the Primary Years are tasked to deepen their fluency and writing skills and develop into successful readers who are able to comprehend, analyze, and synthesize different forms of text. Students reach these goals through a challenging curriculum and a varied selection of extra-curricular activities. From Art Club to Ballet, Lego Club to Science Club, our activities reinforce one of the goals of our mission: to maximize the potential of every student through active learning.

Our school is comprehensively equipped to provide our students with everything they need. Classrooms, where children spend most of the day are bright, suitable for learning and additional activities.

Grades 1 — 8

With a solid foundation of speaking, reading and writing skills Primary Grade students continue to grow as active and creative learners. The rigorous curriculum is based on the Polish National Education Program and the Core Knowledge Sequence and the Common Core State Standards. The variety of weekly lessons is informed by the principle that students who possess a wide base of background knowledge are better equipped to make sense of the world. Lessons in Language Arts, Science, Math, ICT, Library, Social Studies, Art, Music, PE and Polish Language (differentiated for native speakers and international students) ensure that Primary Grade Students reflect a wide breadth of knowledge.

Students use digital and hard copy textbooks every day including CKLA materials (Language Arts Grades 1-3), Escalate (Language Arts grades 4-8), Go! Math, Houghton Mifflin Social Studies, and Science Fusion. Songs, crafts, and games are built into many lessons to give children a chance to express their creativity and to move around while they learn. Monthly field trips are valuable learning experiences which connect classroom learning to the outside world and broaden the horizon of the curriculum.